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by Matt Verburg October 17, 2013

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(photo: Matt [facing camera] during his age-out drum corps season)

One year ago, Lot Riot became a reality. Our first run of shirts was printed, and my parent's dining room was now headquarters. Years of thinking and ideas had finally produced something I could hold on to. Skaters have their brands, surfers have their brands... Why not us?

Our only plan was to represent this culture with the respect and love it had already given to us. We knew we would be hitting the road, meeting as many people as possible to spread the message that our activity is as epic, and runs as deep, as any other.

The response has been incredible and encouraging. It has emboldened us to keep pushing, get better, drive harder. Just like that one rehearsal when everything clicks.

Thank you so much for the words of support and high-fives along the way. We have big plans for the next year, and we can't wait to hang with you.

Join this movement, this Riot. It's for you. -Matt

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Matt Verburg
Matt Verburg