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May 26, 2014 1 min read

drumline civil war drummers memorial day history

The history of the marching drum is something to revere. It has been the voice of the American military since before we were known as the United States. In muzzle-to-muzzle open battle, such as the Civil War, orders to march and maneuver were given by a commander of infantrymen, repeated by platoon sergeants, then finally interpreted by snare drummers who played a short cadence for each command. The sound of these drums carried beyond the range of the human voice, which defined their crucial purpose.

Imagine the courage of these men – some of them just boys. To march onto a field of battle with no rifle, cannon-fire exploding the earth in all directions, facing down a vicious enemy, often dying on that very field. All for their duty to preserve unity and communicate during untold chaos. We have not forgotten the legacy of our instruments.


(Adapted from words by our friend Dustin Wolfe.)