by Matt Verburg December 03, 2015

Lot Riot Shopping Bag

Yeah, that happens sometimes. Sorry about that...

We print our shirts and sweaters in pretty limited quantities. And while we do our best to predict how many of each shirt and size we'll sell, it's an imperfect science that we are continuously striving to refine. The problems of a small and growing company.
We've over-sold our inventory projections for this Fall. And while that's a nice problem to have, that leaves us with a few gaps in sizing. The inventory we currently have online is all that we will have available for the Holidays. Any reprints or restocks will happen in 2016.
For future reference, we'd suggest that if you see something you like, grab it. And of course, feel free to email if there's something you missed out on, and we can give you an idea if a garment will be remade. It's not common, but it has happened, and will likely happen again.

Thanks for your support!

Matt Verburg
Matt Verburg


Matt has performed and instructed at nearly every level in the marching percussion universe. Based in Orlando, FL, he is the Founder and Owner of Lot Riot.

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