by Matt Verburg January 20, 2017

We teamed up with Mapex Drums to outfit Matrix Percussion on their tour of Taiwan. We also contributed the graphics for their On2Percussion drum slips and Remo drum heads. Check out these great shots of Matrix performing in Lot Riot gear, and equipment decked out with our "Riot Flag" graphic.

Lot Riot in Taiwan Parade with Matrix Percussion

Bucket Drumming. Lot Riot on Matrix Percussion in Taiwan.

Matrix wearing Lot Riot in Taiwan parade. Tenor Line.

Matrix Percussion clinic in Taiwan wearing Lot Riot. Drumline Bass.

Matrix Percussion from Ohio in Taiwan wearing Lot Riot. Drumline snareline.

Matt Verburg
Matt Verburg


Matt has performed and instructed at nearly every level in the marching percussion universe. Based in Orlando, FL, he is the Founder and Owner of Lot Riot.

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