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by Matt Verburg February 11, 2020

Out most ambitious project ever - the 2020 spring tour. If you've seen us at your show before, there's a good chance we're back. AND we're knocking out a whole new group of shows. Just trying to get the gear in your hands directly.


** = new Lot Riot tour stop.

February 1st
FFCC Premier - Winter Springs, FL

February 22nd - 23rd
WGI Temecula, CA
WGI Orlando, FL

February 29th - March 1st
FFCC Focus Central - Orlando, FL
WGI Houston, TX **
WGI Dayton, OH **

March 7th - 8th
WGI Dallas, TX
SCPA Temescal Canyon, CA **

March 14th - 15th
WGI Atlanta, GA **
WGI Indianapolis, IN

March 21st - 22nd
WGI West - San Bernardino, CA
WGI Mid East - Highland Heights, KY **
WGI South - Hattiesburg, MS **

March 27th - 28th
MIA Championships - Jackson, MS **
FFCC Championships - Daytona Beach, FL

April 4th - 5th
SCPA Prelims/Semis - San Bernardino, CA **
IPA Championships - Indianapolis, IN

April 11th
SCPA Championships - San Bernardino, CA

April 15th - 19th
WGI World Championships - Dayton, OH


Matt Verburg
Matt Verburg


Matt has performed and instructed at nearly every level in the marching percussion universe. Based in Orlando, FL, he is the Founder and Owner of Lot Riot.

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