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February 11, 2020 1 min read

Out most ambitious project ever - the 2020 spring tour. If you've seen us at your show before, there's a good chance we're back. AND we're knocking out a whole new group of shows. Just trying to get the gear in your hands directly.


** = new Lot Riot tour stop.

February 1st
FFCC Premier - Winter Springs, FL

February 22nd - 23rd
WGI Temecula, CA
WGI Orlando, FL

February 29th - March 1st
FFCC Focus Central - Orlando, FL
WGI Houston, TX **
WGI Dayton, OH **

March 7th - 8th
WGI Dallas, TX
SCPA Temescal Canyon, CA **

March 14th - 15th
WGI Atlanta, GA **
WGI Indianapolis, IN

March 21st - 22nd
WGI West - San Bernardino, CA
WGI Mid East - Highland Heights, KY **
WGI South - Hattiesburg, MS **

March 27th - 28th
MIA Championships - Jackson, MS **
FFCC Championships - Daytona Beach, FL

April 4th - 5th
SCPA Prelims/Semis - San Bernardino, CA **
IPA Championships - Indianapolis, IN

April 11th
SCPA Championships - San Bernardino, CA

April 15th - 19th
WGI World Championships - Dayton, OH